Sweet Caroline

Neither a Kennedy nor a Princess of Monaco


Hopkins was hoppin’ this weekend because it was ~FAMILY WEEKEND~ My parents came all the way from Chicago on Friday afternoon and met me after my last class. We walked a bit around campus, check in and got my mom a sweet Family Weekend tote bag, and decided to attend a one-off class taught by my Elements of Macroeconomics professor, Dr. Robert Barbera. Turns out my father is a huge fan of.. Read More

College Admissions Info Session Bingo

While I was applying to college, I took a grand tour of the East Coast: nine schools in nine days over my junior year spring break. After I went to the fourth or fifth information session, I started hearing a lot of the same phrases over and over again. So, I decided to make a Bingo card for what I kept seeing and hearing. I’ll now decode what some of.. Read More