Sweet Caroline

Neither a Kennedy nor a Princess of Monaco

A Busy/Rewarding Week

I feel that I am in a special place, here in Baltimore. I feel incredibly lucky to live in a city that, despite being the center of the Uprising last April, has responded with relative grace. Certainly groups and institutions within the city have put forth a legitimate effort to improve race relations in Baltimore. This week, by coincidence, Hopkins not only hosted two activist speakers, but also saw the.. Read More

An Ode to Hopkins in Autumn

Autumn seemed to fall upon us here at Hopkins (pun absolutely intended). I’ve been noticing some changes lately, and here’s what I see at the top five biggest changes about autumn at Hopkins. All of the photos have been taken by fellow members of the Class of 2019. 1.) Iced coffee turning into hot coffee. The café in Brody Learning Commons has a truly incredible selection of drinks with and.. Read More