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Sorority Post #2 – Secret Week!

A little while back, I wrote a blog about JHU’s formal sorority recruitment process in January. I still 100% feel #noragrets about joining Pi Beta Phi, and this week is a great week to talk about even more benefits of it – because this week is Secret Week! Secret Week is an absolutely magical week in which your Big (a sister in the pledge class above you – and in my.. Read More

The Definitive Ranking of Outdoor Study Spots

Spring is finally (!!!) upon us here at Hopkins! With the warm weather comes the ability to get a tan while you study for Orgo. Here’s the best places to take advantage of the warm, fresh air. 7. The Beach Before you argue with me about this, I do recognize that the Beach is great fun. It is perfect for Ultimate Frisbee, having a concert (like when we had We the Kings during Hoptoberfest!), and.. Read More