Sweet Caroline

Neither a Kennedy nor a Princess of Monaco

Why I Chose JHU


So you got into Hopkins – congratulations! 575 of you already know you’re coming to Baltimore to begin the best 4 years of your life, but for the 2,542 of you who have until May 1 to decide if you’ll call Baltimore home, I hope you’ll listen to my humble opinion and strongly consider Hopkins as the college you attend. If you can, I’d strongly¬†strongly recommend you attend SOHOP. If.. Read More

Let the Committee Reject You

I'm really good at maintaining US-Italy relations

Of all the advice I’ve been given over the years,¬†I often think about one in particular, especially when I’m applying for something new: “Let the committee reject you.” It sounds kind of negative at first – the word “reject” is in there pretty prominently – but if you think a little more about what it means, it’s pretty encouraging. Often, when I would think about applying to something – an.. Read More