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From B’more, to Guadeloupe, and Back


It’s barely been a month in this brand-spanking new year, yet so much has happened! Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor in Motion Picture for “The Theory of Everything”, Ellen broke the Internet (again) with this inspirational video , and Mali eradicated Ebola. Though I had nothing to do with any of these fantastic accomplishments, I feel very proud of our start to 2015 as a human race. Well done world!

le cousins
‘Twas a Happy New Year 🙂

I too have had a great start to 2015; I enjoyed the welcomed snow days with my sister,

<3 <3 <3
<3 <3 <3

rediscovered the fun in getting a good night’s sleep, and reconnected with some old friends while Skyping my friends from Hopkins .

American Horror Story with one of my best friends!
American Horror Story with one of my best friends!

Also, I traveled to the French Caribbean Islands. Well, sort of.

Fantastic action-shot of me winning a snow fight #frozen

During this Intersession , I took a course titled Whodunnit: Mysteries of the Caribbean, and for the last two weeks, I have experienced the whirlwind of mystery and frustration that is a classic French Caribbean detective novel.

During the seven sessions when our class met, I found that what little I thought I knew about the history and culture of the French Caribbean was fairly nonexistent when compared to the actual complexity of the situation. The original inhabitants of these island were wiped out during colonization, leaving the descendants without this rich but untraceable culture.

By traveling into the chaotic lives of the characters, I enjoyed the learning how those descendants created their own identity in defiance to the European colonizing nations.

best. course. ever.

Overall, the last two weeks have been a blast, and am really glad to have had the opportunity to take this class!

Peace, love, and explore,


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