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“Ohana” means family.

Hello there!

phew! amiright?

Spring Semester has begun!!! I have started my new classes, pulled my first all-nighter of the semester, and slipped back into my strong obsession with the Daily Grind Café’s Toasted Coconut iced coffee (seriously, this drink is divine. A definite must try!).

Also, I have started a research position at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s Department of Hospital Epidemiology and Infection, in the Division of Infectious Disease. AHHHHHH! So exciting!!!!!

Epidemiology has become a passion of mind, because I hope to incorporate international health and the study of community based health in my future.

Which leads me to the next update. I have “switched” majors, from Public Health, to Behavioral Biology (I’m still double majoring in Spanish). Though Hopkins students cannot officially declare their major(s) during Freshman year (with the exception of BME students), my current schedule reflects more science courses, with room to add the public health classes I choose to take.

I made the change in hopes that with more exposure to the sciences I love, I will be able to still incorporate the public health knowledge that I also can’t wait to gain.

With all of these changes and my current course-load, I really want to devote myself fully to this new semester, my first one without covered grades.

And for this reason, I’m taking this semester off from writing SAAB blogs.

Though I am still very much a part of SAAB, and will still respond to questions on the official Hopkins forum, I know that I will no longer be able to devote the time it takes to write a quality blog, so to be fair to the readers of these blogs, I will wait until next semester, when I will be better acclimated to everything.

So with this, I say a temporary farewell, and wish you the best for the semester!

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