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Junior Year Declassified

Hi there!

It’s only been a few weeks, but I’ve put together a helpful list of do’s and don’t from junior year. These can apply to anyone! At the end I share what my vision is this year for this blog. Enjoy 🙂

Mental & Emotional Health

do: be proactive don’t: devalue or neglect your mental and emotional health

Plan ahead! First I identify the relationships and activities that give me energy, and I build my priorities to include them. Creating space in your schedule for these people and activities will become a healthy habit. Whether that’s signing up for weekly therapy sessions at the Counseling Center, joining a fitness class at the Rec Center, or setting a weekly coffee or lunch with a close friend, putting these things in place as soon as possible!

Physical Health

do: structure your time to get enough sleep don’t: try to take an exam with full blown pneumonia and bronchitis.

This kind of goes along with the mental/emotional health section, but be proactive! Whether it’s planning times a week when you’ll take a break and go for a walk, or it’s learning the signs of when’re getting sick, listen to your body! Learning when you need to take a break will help you best respect your body and maximize your ability to get what you need done. Also have fun! Finding a club or sport that you can make a routine will help you meet new people and exercise at the same time (shout out to my Temps d’Afrique family <3 )

Meet New People

do: branch out and try and meet new people don’t: shut yourself off to making new friends

As a junior, I’ve got to say it’s so humbling to meet what new blue jays of the class of 2020. Each year Hopkins welcome a new class of incredibly talented and bright blue jays, so taking the time to meet, help and learn from them is so rewarding! Whether it’s reaching out to the new memebers of the clubs I’m involved in, or helping someone who looks lost finding a class during syllabus week, I’ve had so many interesting conversations already! This also goes for meeting new people in my class or the class above. It’s not too late!


do: visit at least one new place a semester. I’m not even going to put a “don’t”. Just do it.

This summer I spent 6 weeks in Egypt, and I’ve fallen in love with exploring the city I’m live in. So follow me this year as I visit places in and around Baltimore and bring you a long with me.

Hasta pronto <3 See ya soon!


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