Every semester, I try to take one random elective, a class that doesn’t fulfill any sort or requirement for my degree but just seems interesting. These classes have ranged from Housing & Homelessness in the United States to the Communications Revolution to Engineering Design Visualization, Graphics, & Fundamentals of CAD. This semester, I’m taking a class…

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Putting the “Me Time” in “BME Time”


I have a goal this semester. I know. JHU_Emily has a goal? What a radical thought! But bear with me on this. This semester, I’m trying to do as little work as possible between when I get out of class on Friday afternoons and my Design Team meetings on Sunday mornings. When the semester started,…

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When You Bring an Engineer to an Art Museum

I’m an engineer. At least, that’s what it says on my J-card and transcript. As such, my life consists of a lot of partial derivatives, electric fields, and crystal field diagrams. One of the coolest things at Hopkins is that this is my academic world, a world very different from students in other majors and…

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