Lucky Thirteen

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As of 5 minutes ago when I finally overcame my mental hesitation (and my advisor lifted the hold on my account), I am enrolled in a meager thirteen credits this semester. It feels weird to type that, as most of my semesters have been between 18 and 20 credits and have kept me……..busy…… say the…

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Weeks/Weekends in Review


The past few weeks have been pretty cool. Not exactly in a temperature way (hey 80-degree weather forecasts; welcome back), but in a Vanessa-Bayer-playing-Miley-Cyrus-on-SNL kind of way. In a rare occurrence for the end of a semester, my academic load has been relatively light, which of course has caused me to question whether I’ve forgotten…

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Putting the “Me Time” in “BME Time”


I have a goal this semester. I know. JHU_Emily has a goal? What a radical thought! But bear with me on this. This semester, I’m trying to do as little work as possible between when I get out of class on Friday afternoons and my Design Team meetings on Sunday mornings. When the semester started,…

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