One of many


It’s April 24th: exactly 12 days before the last day of classes and one month before graduation. The unfortunate mixture of senioritis and impending assessments is at an all-time-high. In between desperately trying to find some motivation to finish out the year, I’ve found myself to be incredibly nostalgic. Now I know it’s to be […]

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For Fun

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 10.23.41 AM

One of the most common questions we get from prospective families is one of the most important: What do students at Hopkins do for fun? When I’m on the receiving end of this question I always freeze up under the pressure, and start off with the most generic answer possible. I don’t hesitate because there’s […]

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Rest and Relaxation


Semesters at Hopkins tend to fly by. On top of busy class schedules, most students are running from activity to activity on a daily basis, before settling down for a bite to eat and a full night of homework. Everyone here has an insatiable drive to be active on campus, to participate and to realize […]

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