Midterm Season


Here’s the thing: at Hopkins, we love a good challenge. I mean, it’s only natural that when you put some of the most intelligent, driven and passionate students from around the World in one place, an unbelievably bright and hardworking environment emerges. Whether the accomplishments are personal or school-wide, our community has an overwhelming sense […]

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Round 3


So if you’ve been keeping up with the Juniors on SAAB, you’ve probably noticed the trend of the I-can’t-believe-I’m-an-upperclassman-what-is-adulthood thoughts. Annnd I’m here to repeat that sentiment, but to also add on just how much I’m loving it. Okay so I’ll admit to saying that I still fumble the word sopho-junior around my mouth when […]

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A Hoppin’ Schedule

photo 2

[Am I trying too hard with these blog titles?]   If it hadn’t seemed like it before, the semester is now officially in full swing! Everyone is as busy as a bee, running around to his or her classes, extra-curriculars, study groups, you name it. My schedule this year is particularly full so I’ve been […]

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It’s Official

I am 100% a Spanish Nerd.  Like a put-my-phone in Spanish, watch movies with Spanish subtitles, self-checkout in Spanish in grocery stores, nerd. When I think back, I don’t really know when my love for the language started…Maybe it was when we performed absurd plays in Middle School Spanish Class or the day that I […]

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