The Official™ List


Well, it’s here! T-minus one week until orientation and I’m here thinking about this moment just about three years ago. I was anxious, having not packed, and was sitting amongst piles of JHU lists and Buzzfeed lists and older-sister-generated-lists, hoping that I had all the necessities for dorm life. I didn’t feel bad about piling […]

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Bounce Back


It’s the self-doubt that gets me. That clawing, ugly, dark feeling that creeps in and tells me I’m not good enough.   These past few weeks have marked the time for internships and jobs to send out acceptances and rejections. After weeks of researching, narrowing down options, filling out and editing applications time and time […]

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In the sweltering July of 2012, Johns Hopkins was the last stop on my East-Coast college tour, and I didn’t think it was anything spectacular. There was no denying that the campus was beautiful and not quite what I had expected for a school in the city of Baltimore, but I clearly remember my favorite […]

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