Valentine’s Day and SNOW!!!

***Editorial Note: This Guest Blog entry differs from past submissions as that it is related to a specific day. So before you read, you need to flashback to Valentine’s Day 2007…Enjoy.***

Name: Stephen Reilly

Year: Class of 2010

Hometown: Bernardsville, NJ

Major: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, minor in Entrepreneurship & Management

Favorite Hopkins —: Favorite Hopkins Relaxation Method: Playing pool in the HOP Stop, Nolan’s, the McCoy Rec Room, or the AMR II Social Lounge.


How often do you get a snow day on Valentine’s Day?

Well, good afternoon everyone in cyberland. What’s going on? Did you get off from school today too? I know I was relieved to hear the news at about 9:30 this morning. It gave me more time to finish up some physics stuff and just relax throughout the day. I do have stuff to read for chemistry and my differential equations classes so that I don’t fall behind, but honestly, when it’s like this outside, who wants to do work?

Stephenr1Heck, I’d be helping out with that snowman in the background with those people if I was wearing my gloves at the time. Oh, by the way, the date on the Stephenr2 picture is totally off because today is Cupid’s day to work his magic. I decided to get into the spirit of the day with heart-plated pajama pants and funny t-shirt that reads, “I fell in love with you the first time I spied through your window.”

For the most part though, I’ve just been chilling in my dorm. I decorated my side of the door and room awhile ago with various comics because they add a unique Reilly touch to it. But anyway, as part of my chill time lately, I’ve been uploading music onto my iPod. I recently became a DJ on WJHU radio (, and I’ve been creating playlists on my iPod to use on my show. The 8 PM Friday slot is nice, and it’s pretty cool to hear my friends tune in. My friends Cara and Kathy have a show Wednesday nights at 10 PM, and it’s pretty fun to hear them on the air.

In addition to WJHU, I’ve really enjoyed how many things there are to do extracurricular-wise at Hopkins. Throughout the year, I have participated in enough groups to make it seem like I’m applying for college again. The Residential Advisory Board meets weekly to discuss issues within the dorms and host various on-campus events throughout the year. I serve on the entertainment committee of Relay for Life, which is working to make the annual on-campus cancer fundraiser an enjoyable and memorable experience. Our hour and a half meeting yesterday was long, but hopefully our efforts will pay off in April when the event is actually held.

One thing I’ve maintained though from high school is that I’m still playing the trombone in JHU Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble. Wind ensemble rehearsals are great for our conductor, Brian Drake, is hilarious. He composed a piece that we’re playing this spring entitled “Slaughterhouse Five”, and I got a solo in it, so I’m psyched. Matt Belzer conducts the jazz ensemble, and it’s a pretty fun group too. We’ll be playing at the Villanova Jazz Festival on March 31st, so it’ll be something to look forward to.

However, if there’s any group I’ve dedicated myself to, it’s the JHU Stephenr3 chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers/Society of Biological Engineers. I’m a freshman representative of the group, and there have plenty of officer meetings throughout the year to plan various events. We held a SBE Launch Party a few weeks ago and a full-body meeting last Monday. The group exists to serve ChemBE, BME, and other biological-engineering majors with a way to connect to fellow peers and professors as well as a network with which one can look for future jobs.

It’s not all work at Hopkins though, for there’s plenty of time on the weekends to enjoy. My friends and I celebrated my 19th birthday a few weeks ago at Niwana, which is a great sushi place right across the street from Charles Commons, and the week after that, we all went into the Inner Harbor and had some good pizza at Uno’s Pizzeria to celebrate Janna’s birthday.

Although I don’t live in the Wolman building, it’s where most of my closest friends on campus are, so I find myself hanging out there often. Hopkins has been a nice change of pace since highStephenr4 school and anything else that came before that. The first semester went quick, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m just glad I have another three and a half years left. Anyway, I got to run to dinner, so enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s Day. Can’t wait to see you here!

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