Name: James ‘Jason’ Siegler

Class of 2009

Little Rock, AR

Neuroscience and History of Science and Technology


Gb1 My name is Jason Siegler and I am a Beta. Instead of telling you about my academic statistics and the scholastic achievement of Hopkins students, I want to focus on Greek life. For the most part, Greek life is underrated by the academic community. Greeks are well-known for their misdemeanors and miscreants, but seldom are Greek organizations ever openly appraised. I wish to remedy this misunderstanding by letting the next generation of students know that there is more to Greek than meets the eye. Gb2

Boasting higher grade point averages than non-Greek students, thousands of community service hours more than the average student group, and far more leadership opportunities than a typical student would have otherwise been exposed to, the fraternity and sorority system is indeed quite a valuable asset to Hopkins. Furthermore, Greek organizations provide a number of scholarships to outstanding incoming freshmen. Beta Theta Pi’s ‘Recruitment Through Scholarship’ and Sigma Phi Epsilon’s ‘Balanced Man’ programs are only two examples attesting this.

Gb3In Greek organizations, undergraduates are also armed with networking and communication skills. Many fraternities and sororities on campus, though they do work with chapter advisors, are almost entirely student-run organizations. To succeed, they must continue to build and strengthen campus and community relations. They have to synchronize many interests and goals to plan events and carry them out successfully. One of Hopkins’ largest events is the ‘Fiji Islander’ in which months of planning are necessary to acquire financial support from the Interfraternity Council, find and hire third party vendors, schedule entertainers, and coordinate with local charities who benefit from the event. Imagine the work necessary and responsibility delegated in order to make such an event successful. It may seem like a lot at first glance, but joining a fraternity or other campus organization will sufficiently prepare you for it. And in your future careers, this kind of experience is invaluable.

Gb4_2Making good men better is a belief shared by each fraternity and sorority (in the case of women). It is also one of the principle axioms of Beta Theta Pi. Having doubled our chapter numbers in the past five years, we are striving to make even more men better. Our Men of Principle Initiative and numerous leadership development programs from the Beta Wilderness Challenge to the Keystone Regional Leadership Conferences provide incomparable opportunities for young men to assume leadership roles within their chapters as well as in their other campus organizations. I charge you to see for yourself what Greek organizations like Beta Theta Pi offer and take advantage of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences with a band of brothers who will last a lifetime.

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