Hopkins Cribs: AMR II, Hollander House

Name: Siobhan Callanan

Year: Class of 2011

Hometown: Barrington, IL

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Math and French minors


Hey guys!! So I live on the first floor of AMR II. In the AMRs, freshman get the “typical” college dorm style living. Most rooms are you and a roommate, Img_2235unless it is a single. AMR II has a main building for the mail room for both AMRs and for Buildings A/B, Blue Jay Café: a lounge with couches, a TV, and a couple of vending machines, the laundry room, a kitchen, another lounge area, and some other random rooms.

AMR II is split up into 8 houses: Adam, Baker, Clark, Gildersleeve, Griffin, Hollander, Jennings, and Lazear. There is no actual barrier diving up the houses, besides the stairwells. So you can walk from Adam through all of the houses and get to Lazear. I live in Hollander. It’s basically amazing!!

Img_2239 So my room isn’t the biggest room, I looked up the floor plan and it is apparentely 175 square feet. So not big, but my room mate and I make it work. As you walk into the room, my side is on the right and my room-mate’s is on the left. Our sides aren’t very separated, except that our desks are back to back in the center, so that somewhat divides us while we work.

I have my bed half lofted so I could fit my drawers underneath, which saves some space. There is a lot of storage space under my bed, so I definitely decided to take advantage of that. I have my suitcases and stuff that I don’t use that often in the back then my set of drawers is in front of that with boxes of clothes and shoes beside it.

Img_2238Then I also have a desk, a chair, and an armoire. Over the summer, I ordered a fridge/microwave combo so we have that in our room too. It’s great to have it just to make a quick bowl of oatmeal or heat up water for tea.

I have a lot of decoration on my wall right by my bed. I bought fabric, cut it up, and pinned it to my wall. A great thing about the AMRs is that of the four walls in your room, two of them are actually made from corkboard. This helps so much!! It makes decorating so much easier. I also got a ton of pictures of my friends, and family from home and they areImg_2240 pinned up all over the wall! Also on my wall I have glow in the dark stars which I also pinned into the corkboard wall. There are also a couple of quotes that I really like, an Irish Parking Sign, and my Theta sign (I don’t think this is in the pictures tho).

Img_2710I recommend buying shelves and boxes for storing your stuff, because I can almost guarantee that you will not be able to fit all of your clothes in the drawers and armoire provided. Also, plastics sets of drawers are a great idea too. I have numerous of these, they can be used to store clothes, food, or anything really.

Unlike Wolman and Buildings A/B, I unfortunately don’t have a bathroom in my room!! So I share a communal bathroom with the other girls onImg_2712 my floor. It really isn’t that big a deal at all!! It is only 20 feet from my door; I think I can handle that! Our bathroom actually just got completely remodeled! They redid everything over Intersession, so now it is extremely high tech…haha, or at least the sinks and toilets are automatic. The bathroom has three toilets and there are also three showers. I have to say that I don’t even care that it’s communal because I have never had to wait to use a toilet or a shower.

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  1. “I have to say that I don’t even care that it’s communal because I have never had to wait to use a toilet or a shower.” Haha, that’s what I miss the most about the AMRs.

  2. You’re so right Kate!!! I have never had to wait to use a bathroom or shower!! Normally there is not even anyone else using them!

  3. i’ve noticed with many of the CRIBS entries that students like to keep lots of food in their room. can oatmeal, drinks, snacks, etc. be bought with dining dollars on the meal plan?

  4. these foods can be bought at Charles Street Market, where you can use dining dollars, but it is just so much easier to keep them in your room, especially for those of us in the AMRs!!

  5. were the drawers under your bed provided, or did you have to bring them?

  6. Though I am clearly not Siobhan, I can answer your question simran1. The wooden cabinet under Siobhan’s bed is provided by the University. A complete list of funiture provided can be found here: http://www.jhu.edu/hds/IncomingFrosh2008/ResHallFurniture.htm
    Many student do purchase extra strorage bins for their rooms.

  7. i was wondering how tall the beds are when they are lofted?

  8. Info on bed lofting can be found here:
    “A full loft can accommodate four stacked drawers, a wardrobe, a desk, or a combination of any two underneath the lofted bed. In a quarter or half loft, two columns of two stacked drawers can be placed underneath. Residents who choose not to loft their bed can still request to have their drawers stacked.”

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