I <3 T-shirts…especially when they’re free!

Name: Liny John

Year: Class of 2009

Major: Biomedical Engineering

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Gb1_2I won’t hesitate to admit that I absolutely love free stuff.  If there’s any way I can get something for cheap or for free, I’m all for it.  Even if it means helping freshmen move in their stuff in the freezing rain or if it means standing in a line for an hour, I’ll do it if I get something free.  Due to my love for free stuff, I make it a point to go to any event where I get free t-shirts … seriously.

The free t-shirts at Hopkins officially start with orientation.  And if you decide to help the year after with move-in you get a t-shirt that year too!  I also got an Orioles t-shirt during my Orientation when we went to the Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yards.

Gb2_2After you’re well settled into Hopkins, you get t-shirts for being in certain groups too.  For example, being part of admissions, I’ve received two free t-shirts to wear for open houses and another two free t-shirts for being in the Student Admissions Advisory Board. Also, as a part of CISSRS (a Computer Integrated Surgery society) I was a mentor for high school students in a robotics competition and got a t-shirt for that.  I also have a shirt and sweatshirt for my dance team, and another t-shirt and track jacket for being on the Spring Fair staff.  I also have two South Asian Society for Hopkins t-shirts (one plays on the UPS slogan and says “What can Brown Do for You?”).

Gb5A lot of t-shirts are also given out to promote a cause.  Some are free to just spread awareness and others you pay for with the money going to the charity you’re helping out.  One t-shirt I got was for volunteering in honor of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.  I also paid for a t-shirt to help raise money for India after the earthquakes that hit Gujarat.  There are other t-shirts that I got to help spread awareness of the poverty issue in Baltimore.  Free t-shirts are also given away for donating blood in the Red Cross sponsored blood drives on campus.

And I can’t forget the shirts you’ll get from the school and department you’re affiliated with.  Most of these shirts you have to pay for, but it’s Gb4_3definitely worth it.  Personally, I have a Hopkins engineering shirt along with three biomedical engineering shirts.  I love wearing the BME shirts, mostly because of how corny they are (I have one that says “Don’t you wish you could B ME”).  Haha get it, B ME … be me? Yea, told you it was corny.

Gb3_2There’s also a lot of free stuff beyond  t-shirts that you can get.  Ranging from post-it notes with department names, stress balls to helps students cope with the stress of finals, and simple pens, mugs, and Frisbees that have the Hopkins name on them. I even got free Hopkins flip-flops freshmen year after going to a pep rally for the lacrosse team.

I love getting free stuff and I especially love anything that helps me promote the awesome school I go to.  The t-shirts I mentioned are only a glimpse of the closet worth of Hopkins apparel I have.  I have over 30 t-shirts (majority of them being absolutely free) that I got from various events.  These are definitely clothes I want to keep for a long time.  Most of them I got from some fun event and the t-shirts will help remind me of some wonderful memories.

Photo Captions:
1 – A bunch of my tshirts laying around
2 – The latest BME t-shirt
3 – Showing off the back of the sweatshirt for my dance team, Shakti
4 – Me holding up a free lacrosse and Fall Fest t-shirt as I sport a Hopkins engineering t-shirt
5 – Some of my Spring Fair staff apparel

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