Hopkins Cribs: Wolman 302A

Name: Tabitha Moses (read my profile)

Year: Class of 2011

Hometown: Oxford, England

Major: Neuroscience


My room isn’t the nicest, it is doesn’t have the best temperature control, and it certainly isn’t the cleanest—at least that’s what my friends say, I think it’s just fine. I still think my room is great. We also don’t have a common shower room, instead we have one bathroom to share between the four of us, which is definitely a positive!

My room in Wolman is suite style living, which means that we have two double rooms, and a common kitchenette and bathroom.P1000298

My favorite part would have to be our kitchen, loaded with barely enough food!! (okay, maybe we have a bit of food). Anyway, we still barely have enough to keep everyone fed with nutritional items such as Wheat Thins, Hob Nobs (yummy English cookie things), cereal — only a small amount of it of course, very little selection —Kosher muenster cheese, and probably a lot of other things that I’m forgetting at the moment. We also have lots of tea, thanks in part to my insane boyfriend who decided to bring back so much from spring break — I’m currently mad at him. We do, however, have a tendency to forget that we have left tea steeping till anywhere from five minutes to five hours — so sometimes the tea is far too cold, it does give our microwave a good workout though.

P1000301P1000299I don’t just love the kitchen because of all the food, although that certainly doesn’t hurt — I have an urge to feed people — some call it a problem, I call it a personal strength. But anyway, that’s not the point, it’s a really nice space, and it’s always nice to hang out there and try and do a bit of work. Although we usually don’t succeed in getting a whole lot of work done, but we do manage to have loads of fun, and that’s far more enjoyable anyway!

There are other parts of my suite, other than the kitchen. There is my room of course, which is a bit of a mess right now, I’m afraid, as I just sort of P1000303 plopped all my stuff out when I got back from break. I barely have enough clothes, but some people don’t agree. My roommate also decided to redecorate by organizing all her stuff around, so things are a bit weird in there right now.

P1000300P1000304My friend Heather lives next door, and we spend some time in her room, or time with her and friends in the kitchen. We’re actually living together next year in a double in Charles Commons, with two of our friends living just down the hall; I am really excited. The whole housing process was very stressful, but we managed to luck out and get things just about how we wanted.

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