Guest Blog on Summer Vacation 2008

It’s finally the season of more sunshine and less schoolwork!  With Hopkins undergraduates scattered throughout the world chilling at home, conducting research or an internship at a university, volunteering at various organizations, or simply working to save up money, the next three months will be unique and exciting for every student.

Although the beloved Guest Blog will be hibernating during the heated months of summer, there is much to look forward to in August as a number of incoming members of the Class of 2012 will be submitting entries!  Until then, check out the fabulous twenty-six entries featuring current undergraduates posted throughout the latest semester:

01.28.2008 – Rachel – “Finding Where I Fit” – CLICK HERE. A sophomore psychology major shares her epiphany during a Hopkins tour when she was a high school senior.  Although she wanted to attend a small liberal arts college, the news about JHU Tutorial Project made her choose Hopkins.  Now, she is a devoted member of Student Advisory Board (SAAB) in the Center for Social Concern (CSC) which manages the Tutorial Project.

01.31.2008 – Amanda – “Leading a Double Life” – CLICK HEREHere is a fourth year undergraduate who is in the excellent JHU Public Policy program (which works through the Institute for Policy Studies, IPS).  This two year program allowed her to take graduate level classes her senior year as it overlapped well with her Political Science undergraduate classes.

02.04.2008 – Michael – “Hopkins: A Dialectical Perspective (Or: Living to Learn)” – CLICK HERE.  This freshman says “college has been a qualitative change”.  As a Biology/Anthropology major, he ventured into the Beginning Arabic course and realized that things should be looked at from multiple perspectives.  Read how he applies this to ECO-reps, a group advocating Hopkins Sustainability.

02.07.2008 – Andrew – “Birthright: A Trip to Israel” – CLICK HERE.  Although this junior has written many guest blog entries before, this particular blog highlights his trip to Israel through the Birthright program.  Traveling with a handful of friends from school, he had a blast venturing throughout Israel during winter break.  This vacation linked well with his studies as an International Relations student!

02.11.2008 – Katie – “Meanderings of a Hopkins Freshman” – CLICK HERE.  Freshman Writing Seminars major from California writes about her love for Pre-O (Pre-Orientation) at Hopkins and her continued involvement in Outdoor PursuitsHer love for Sacramento transferred to Baltimore’s Hampden and its numerous eccentric shops!

02.14.2008 – Amy – “Working at the BMA – CLICK HERE.  This freshman comes from Colorado and is a Philosophy major with a pre-med twist.  She works in the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) and spills the details of the latest Matisse exhibit.  Note: this museum is free of charge for Hopkins students!

02.18.2008 – Amanda – “…When Baltimore Gleamed in Supernatural Ecstasy…” – CLICK HEREThis freshman New Yorker writes about her explorations throughout the city of Baltimore.  The non-city feel of the Homewood campus is compensated with various hot spots like Fell’s Point, Sonar, Walter’s Museum, etc.

02.21.2008 – Ashlyn – “Hopkins in Egypt” – CLICK HEREThis member of the Class of 2010 transferred into Hopkins as sophomore as a Near Eastern Studies major.  She details her adventures in Egypt through the Hopkins in Egypt Today Intersession Program.  Read about her 24-day adventure abroad!

02.25.2008 – Tanmay – “Life as a Hopkins BME: Reflections on Junior Year” – CLICK HEREThis third year BME student gushes on the wonders of classes in the Biomedical Engineering department.  In particular, the Systems Bioengineering (SBE) courses are quite popular with their numerous professors — experts teaching their field of work — and the labs!  Watch the videos of dissections and how the students learned how cardiac contraction occurs with the use of an isolated frog’s heart ventricle!

02.28.2008 – Margaret – “Welcome to Alaska!  JHU goes to Egypt” – CLICK HERERead what impressed this senior English and History of Art double major on the Hopkins in Egypt Today during Intersession.  Apparently, everyone in Egypt greets Americans with the phrase, “Welcome to Alaska!”.

03.03.2008 – Liny – “I <3 T-shirts … especially when they’re free!” – CLICK HEREThis third year BME devotes an entry to her love for FREE STUFF.  She shares the secrets of how to get a handful of free t-shirts at Hopkins throughout the school year.

03.06.2008 – James – “Going GRΣΣK” – CLICK HEREHere is a junior Neuroscience major who is ready to tell you the positive aspects of Greek Life at Hopkins.  With higher grade point averages, more community service hours, and an enormous networking plan, fraternities aim to raise better men.  Read about the various programs in the different fraternities at Hopkins!

03.13.2008 – Jermaine – “Journal Excerpt: Empowering Change — Challenges in Urban Health” – CLICK HERERead how this third year undergraduate attended the 10th Annual Minority Pre-Health Professions Conference organized by the Pre-Professional Advising Office.  He attended work shops on urban health and was inspired that our generation can make a change.  Also, the renown Dr. Ben Carson was the keynote speaker for the weekend!

03.17.2008 – Blake – “Historically Black Greek Lettered Organizations at Hopkins” – CLICK HEREThis sophomore — who shared about his involvement in the Hopkins’ improv group, the Buttered Niblets, in a previous entry — now shares of his involvement in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.  This is a historical Black Greek Lettered Organization (BGLO), and this entry shows the magnificent influence these organizations have on the young and old today and in throughout history.  Also, watch the video of “real stepping outside of Hollywood”!

03.20.2008 – Siobhan – “Tales of a Second Semester Freshman” – CLICK HEREAs a Mechanical Engineering student AND basketball player on the Women’s Basketball Team, this freshman tells of how she decided to branch out more during the second semester.  With a enjoyable job working at Hopkins sports games and joining a sorority (Kappa Alpha Theta), she is enjoying her ever widening network of friends.

03.24.2008 – Brandon – “Explorin’ the Town” – CLICK HEREAs a fourth year Philosophy major, this senior has learned to find the beauty of the city.  Read why Blue Moon Cafe and The Sound Garden make Fell’s Point his favorite area in Baltimore.

03.27.2008 – Mary – “The Right Decision” – CLICK HEREThis freshman studying Environmental Engineering is already ready to call Hopkins and Baltimore “home”.  Read why this girl from rural New Jersey was quickly able to get acclimated to the city of Baltimore.  And read about her exciting internship over Intersession at the Jones Falls Watershed Association (now Blue Water Baltimore).

03.31.2008 – Siobhan – “Hopkins Cribs: AMR II, Hollander House” – CLICK HEREAs a member of Hopkins Interactive, Siobhan creates an entry of her crib in AMR II.  Read about the typical living space of a freshman at Hopkins.

04.03.2008 – Tabitha – “Hopkins Cribs: Wolman 302A” – CLICK HERETabitha is another freshman on the Hopkins Interactive team, and she shows you her crib in a different style of freshman living.  Rather than the typical freshmen dorms like Siobhan’s room (in the entry above), this freshman opted for the suite-style. Look at the different housing options with descriptions: Office of Housing and Dining Services.

04.07.2008 – Jeremy – “A Hopkins Student and a Humanities Major: A Confession in Several Paragraphs” – CLICK HEREThis freshman dipping his toes in the humanities writes a hilarious account of the meshing of humanities, engineering, and pre-med students at Hopkins.  As a member of the Buttered Niblets, he is good with his words.  Read about facial hair and long hours in the library in this entry.  He also shares about Gilman Hall’s renovation.

04.10.2008 – Anna – “Lo tuvo sin hacerlo, que lo hagamos sin tenerlo” – CLICK HEREThis third year Romance Languages and International Studies double major shares her adventures abroad through the Hopkins sponsored program in Madrid, Spain.  Studying Spanish history, Spanish Literature, the EU, Spanish Society, and the Spanish language, she was able to expand her knowledge with a hands-on manner.  Read about her adventures with other Hopkins undergraduates.

04.14.2008 – Tabitha – “Hopkins from the International Perspective” – CLICK HERETabitha spills the beans on what her experience as an international student from England has been thus far.  Looking into the differences of academic classes, geographic areas (stores, demographics, etc), and people, it seems there are slight differences in perspectives.  However, her experiences at Hopkins — and her interactions with Americans — have been pleasant!

04.17.2008 – Aliza – “Hopkins Take Two” – CLICK HEREThis freshman is a Political Science and Public Health double major.  She is involved in the Blue Key Society, Alpha Phi, and mentors Baltimore City children at the National Aquarium at the Inner Harbor through the PSA Mentoring Group.  Read as she re-tells a typical week.

04.21.2008 – Catherine – “The Wonderful World of Wolman 2 West” – CLICK HERE.  This International Studies freshman confesses to being slightly on the less social side.  However, as your read her entry, you can see that everyone — to whatever degree of social one may be — can find their niche.  Her eclectic group of friends keeps it real every night eating together at the Fresh Food Cafe (the freshmen dining hall).

05.16.2008 – Stephanie – “So Much Has Changed” – CLICK HEREAs graduation is near, this senior reflects on her four year journey at Hopkins.  Reminiscing on what activities deeply impacted her, such as being a Resident Assistant and a Teaching Assistant, she can see the growth in herself.  Receiving the Fulbright grant, she is looking forward to teaching English in Hong Kong, carrying all of the lessons and memories of Hopkins.

There you go!  Twenty-six separate glimpses of what a single semester at Johns Hopkins can hold.  Another semester has passed, and countless lessons have been learned and growth through change has run its course.  Until next time!

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