Name: Laura Supple Year: Class of 2018 Hometown: Shelburne, Vermont Intended Path of Study: Environmental Engineering As an environmental engineering student with a minor in engineering for sustainable development, I see my summers as important opportunities to both apply my knowledge from the classroom and take advantage of learning opportunities the classroom can’t offer.…

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Three Signs, Two Options, One Intuitive Mind

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Name: Maya Foster Year: Class of 2020 Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan Intended Path of Study: Cognitive Science or Neuroscience Three Signs, Two Options, One Intuitive Mind It was actually a series of three coincidental events, more like signs, that lead me to apply to Johns Hopkins University. I had no intentions of applying to…

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From that Moment Forward

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Name: Jonah Kasdan Year: Class of 2020 Hometown: Los Angeles, California Intended Path of Study: International Studies and GECS From that Moment Forward I’ve always wanted to hear “from that moment forward” advice. You know the scene – a student sits in lecture when, all the sudden, the professor drops a knowledge-bomb of life altering…

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To Baltimore with Love

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Name: Kiana Boroumand Year: Class of 2020 Hometown: Baltimore, MD Intended Path of Study: Sociology and Writing Seminars To Baltimore with Love “Baltimore is warm but pleasant…I belong here, where everything is civilized and gay and rotted and polite.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald. *** For as long as I can remember, Thursday nights…

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The Devil Wears Hopkins

devil wears hopkins-01

Name: Lauren Padilla Year: Class of 2019 Hometown: Longmeadow, MA Intended Path of Study: International Studies The Devil Wears Hopkins Yesterday, my mom and I got into a fight. The catalyst, as usual, was my excessive packing habits. Staring at the heaps of boxes destined for Hopkins, my mom informed me not so subtly that I needed…

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Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

t wrecks -01

Name: Jonathan Mo Year: Class of 2019 Hometown: San Jose, CA Intended Path of Study: Neuroscience and Saxophone Performance Tyrannosaurus Wrecks “So why’d you bring your calculus textbook to Haiti?!” As I’m helplessly sifting through long forgotten methods and rules of limits and optimization, I can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the question.…

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The Art of Moving On

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Name: Indu Radhakrishnan Year: Class of 2019 Hometown: Ashburn, VA Intended Path of Study: Public Health The Art of Moving On “Here,” my mother says, tearing the plastic wrap off a pack of flattened cardboard boxes. She hands me one before unceremoniously shoving a bundle of heavy-duty trash bags under my other arm,…

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