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December 14th


Name: Hayley  Strasburger Hometown: Woodbury, CT Year: Class of 2017 Intended Program of Study: Public Health I wish I could write that December 14th, early decision release day, was a day full of anxiety, stress, and ultimately happiness. I wish I could describe how I spent the day biting my nails and regretting every sentence…

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Twas the Night Before Registration


Name: Sam Eberlein Hometown: Fairhope, Alabama Year: Class of 2017 Intended Program of Study: Biomedical Engineering & Name: Roxanna Nokes Hometown: Troy, Alabama Year: Class of 2017 Intended Program of Study: Political Science Twas the Night Before Registration Twas the night to browse ISIS, for all through the nation, The Freshmen were anxious to start Registration. Beside their…

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Lindsay Lohan

I participated in a mock-Hunger Games with my friends and some of their friends in Florida. This is obviously my death, but overall I came in third place. Not bad!

Name: Matthew Moores Year: Class of 2016 Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland Intended Programs of Study: International Studies and Computer Science Lindsay Lohan This summer has been a whirlwind of emotions! …Is probably what most people are saying. For me, you just have to replace “whirlwind of emotions” with “a really, really boring, long,…

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Vogue and Starbucks: Two Integral Parts of My Life

Name: Chelsea Olivera Year: Class of 2016 Hometown: Miami, Florida Intended Program of Study: Sociology Dreamer With a caramel macchiato and a pink feathered pen in hand, I waited.  The scent of mocha and the quiet chatter of coffee-consuming customers infiltrated the room.  It would be in this very establishment—yes, Starbucks—that…

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