Name: Laura Supple Year: Class of 2018 Hometown: Shelburne, Vermont Intended Path of Study: Environmental Engineering As an environmental engineering student with a minor in engineering for sustainable development, I see my summers as important opportunities to both apply my knowledge from the classroom and take advantage of learning opportunities the classroom can’t offer.…

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What Really Is Engineering?


Name: Anthony Karahalios Year: Class of 2018 Major: Applied Mathematics & Statistics Hometown: Wheaton, IL What Really Is Engineering?             Like a regular goal-oriented student, I took a career aptitude test in high school. It seemed that this test would provide guidance and insight into what I may want my major…

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My and my new cow friend’s during my weekend in the country!

Name: Katherine Robinson Year: Class of 2014 Hopkins Abroad: London  The most popular question that people ask me when I talk about school is “Why did you choose to study Arabic?”  Most people have a great answer about an inspirational trip to Jordan, a passion for counter-terrorism, or a personal…

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Working in a Hopkins Engineering Research Lab

Lower Quad - Shriver Hall in background, New Engineering Building and Maryland Hall to the left

Name: Vincent Wang Hometown: Fair Lawn, New Jersey Year: Class of 2014  Major: Mechanical Engineering ********************************************************************************************************* “I work in a research lab,” I tell people. “Do you blow stuff up?” is, strangely enough, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked. No, unfortunately, we don’t blow things up, stare…

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