Joining Greek Life: Perspectives from a Senior


Name: Danielle Nemzer Year: 2012 Hometown: Santa Monica, CA Major: Public Health Studies ************************************************************************* In my opinion, one of the reasons why spring semester is the best semester here at Johns Hopkins is because sorority and fraternity recruitment happens during the first week back on campus! About 25% of students…

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Reading All About It

The News-Letter Office

Name: Katherine Simeon Year: Class 0f 2014 Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ Major: Cognitive Science **************************************************************************************** One of the more overwhelming events during Orientation would be the Student Activities Fair. Although the color-coded map may help, it does not completely alleviate the feeling of getting lost in a sea of tables…

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IBM at Johns Hopkins


Name: Brian Shell Year: Class of 2012 Hometown: Aberdeen, NJ Major: Environmental Engineering *************************************************************************************************** In this guest blog entry, I’m writing to talk about a really incredible opportunity that I was fortunate enough to be a part of last week. I serve as an Alumni Student Ambassador here at Johns…

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Behind the Scenes – Lupe Fiasco

Members of the HOP with Big Sean.

Name: Brian Shell Year: Class of 2012 Hometown: Aberdeen, NJ Program of Study: Environmental Engineering ***************************************************************************************************** My involvement with the Hopkins Organization for Programming (the HOP) has an interesting story. I went to the Student Activities Fair during Orientation, just like every freshman does at Hopkins. I actually went with…

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Doggie Date Auction

Name: Anne Mumford Year: Class of 2010 Hometown: Barnstable, MA Major: Pyschology ************************************************************************************************************************* On any given day, you’re likely to see tons of dogs running around the Hopkins. Families bring their children and puppies to frolic on the The Beach, older couples walk joyful golden retrievers along the brick pathways…

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Journal Excerpt: Empowering Change — Challenges in Urban Health

Name: Jermaine Myers Year: Class of 2009 Previous Guest Blog Entries: November 22, 2007: Jounral Excerpt: Research in South Africa, click here. April 19, 2007: Journal Excerpt: A Day in the Life, click here. December 12, 2006: You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea, click here. **************************************************************************************************************************************************************** 3…

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