The Loves of a Blue Jay: Favorites of a Hopkins Student


Name: Elyse Thulin Year: Class of 2013 Hometown: Jackson, Wyoming Majors: Psychology and Anthropology ************************************************************ So, thinking about what life could be like as a Hopkins student? The promise and the glory of saying that you got to walk the brick pathways, climb the marble stairs and learn from the modern day…

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Joining Greek Life: Perspectives from a Senior


Name: Danielle Nemzer Year: 2012 Hometown: Santa Monica, CA Major: Public Health Studies ************************************************************************* In my opinion, one of the reasons why spring semester is the best semester here at Johns Hopkins is because sorority and fraternity recruitment happens during the first week back on campus! About 25% of students…

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Saving my 21st


Name: Alanna Olken Year: Class of 2013 Hometown: New York City, NY Major: International Studies **************************************************************************************************** October 11th as a birthday has served me well my entire life. I have always been a proud Libra and thankful that my birthday is always somewhere around Columbus Day, which has always meant a long and…

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Heart of Homewood

Some friends and me (pink scarf) in the FFC Freshman Year!!

Name: Liz Mauer Year: Class of 2014 Hometown: Weston, CT Major: International Studies **************************************************************************************************** Hi everyone! My name is Liz and I’m a sophomore here at JHU. Here on campus I am really active in the Blue Key Society, which is the group of tour guides here. As part of Blue Key…

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