Name: Stephan Capriles Year: Class of 2016 Major: History and International Relations Hometown: Willemstad, Curaçao Dutch Caribbean   JHUMUNC (pronounced jōōmŭngk) is the Johns Hopkins Model United Nation Conference. Who are we? We are one of biggest groups on campus and we organize an annual conference for high school students,…

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Outdoor Pursuits


Name: Jenna McLaughlin Year: Class of 2014 Major: Writing Seminars As a senior in the fall semester of my final year at Johns Hopkins, I find myself doing some obligatory reminiscing about my experiences here—what I’ve learned, what I’ve done, and what I’ll take away from Homewood. When thinking about where and from…

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Name: Kimmy Hilson Year: Class of 2014 Hometown: Baltimore, MD Major: Sociology Minor: Entrepreneurship and Management *********************************************************************************** During the spring of my freshman year, I was certain that I wanted to major in sociology, but I was also certain that I wanted to pursue a minor. I thought about different options that might complement my…

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