Name: Laura Supple Year: Class of 2018 Hometown: Shelburne, Vermont Intended Path of Study: Environmental Engineering As an environmental engineering student with a minor in engineering for sustainable development, I see my summers as important opportunities to both apply my knowledge from the classroom and take advantage of learning opportunities the classroom can’t offer.…

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All the Small Things – Confessions of a Soon-to-be-Adult

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Name: Saznin Mehta Major: Public Health Hometown: Alexandria, VA Year: Class of 2012 ******************************************************************************** Now that it’s March of my senior year, I’m beginning to realize how dangerously close I am to becoming A Real Person. You know, someone with a job and an apartment and bills and, gasp, responsibilities.…

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Senior Year?


Name: Laura Elsener Year: Class of 2012 Hometown: Marin County, CA Areas of Study: Economics and Entrepreneurship & Management ———————————————————————————————————————————— As the summer begins to wrap up, I find myself starting to think about returning to Hopkins for senior year. Wait – senior year? That’s right, there’s no stranger feeling…

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CLE Experiences


Name: Ava Scheininger Year: Class of 2012 Hometown: Westfield, NJ Area of Study: Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management (minor) ************************************************************************************************************ I knew one thing when I entered Hopkins my freshman year—I wanted nothing to do with pre-med. I had thoughts of majoring in Applied Math, Economics, International Studies, or maybe even…

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What I Did Last Summer

The reception area in our office.

Name: Brian Shell (@JHU_Brian) Year: Class of 2012 Hometown: Aberdeen, NJ Area of Study: Environmental Engineering ***************************************************************************** In this guest blog entry, I’d like to write about what I did this summer. Each year, tons of Hopkins students head out to internships – whether they’re based in Baltimore or Botswana.…

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How a BME Became Enthralled with Business

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Name: Neil Philip O’Donnell Year: Class of 2012 Hometown: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Area of Study: Biomedical Engineer (Major)/ Entrepreneurship and Management (Minor) *********************************************************************************************************** When I first came to Johns Hopkins campus as a freshman in Biomedical Engineering, I had little interest in business and finance. I like many (wrongly) assumed that…

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Building a Business at JHU


Name: Thomas Smith Year: Class of 2011 Hometown: Bala Cynwyd, PA Area of Study: Cognitive Science and Anthropology ******************************************************************************************************** During my Freshman year at JHU, I was watching television with some friends (including my future wife, Amy) on the second floor of Wolman East when two guys from the floor…

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A Series of Fortunate Events: How I Got the Job

NPM’s Stampede with Smithsonian Undersecretary Kurin, Smithsonian Secretary Clough, Postmaster General Potter, Deputy PMG Donahoe, and NPM Director Allen Kane.  I really wish that I could’ve worn a simple pencil skirt and blouse for meeting such important people!

Name: Beth Simmonds Year: Class of 2011 Hometown: Arlington, VA Area of Study: Sociology, minors in Museums & Society and Classics ************************************************************************************************************* Over the course of my four years at Hopkins, I have had some tremendous opportunities.  Perhaps one of my most pivotal decisions has been to pursue a minor…

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Leaving the Nest Early

In DC with Hopkins success story Ira Remsen. Who knows what the future holds?

Name: Keith Spangler Year: Class of 2012 Hometown: Ocean City, MD Area of Study: Global Environmental Change and Sustainability ****************************************************************************************************************** AP ® exams are a great thing. No, not because they teach you profound things like that “Chicago is (B) a city,” or because they can make you adept at…

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