My and my new cow friend’s during my weekend in the country!

Name: Katherine Robinson Year: Class of 2014 Hopkins Abroad: London  The most popular question that people ask me when I talk about school is “Why did you choose to study Arabic?”  Most people have a great answer about an inspirational trip to Jordan, a passion for counter-terrorism, or a personal…

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Farewell to a Hopkins Legend


Name: Kimmy Hilson Year: Class of 2014 Hometown: Baltimore, MD Major: Sociology Minor: Entrepreneurship and Management *********************************************************************************** When I am home, I enjoy “reading” the newspaper. I quote reading because it primarily consists of me flipping to the “Life” section of The Baltimore Sun to play sudoku, read my horoscope, and attempt a crossword puzzle.…

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It’s a Hopkins life for me!

Our field trip to the Baltimore RESCO Waste to Energy Facility.

Name: Rachel Lew Year: Class of 2015 Major: Environmental Engineering Hometown: Ewa Beach, Hawaii **************************************************************************************** I’ve only spent a semester at Hopkins so far as a college student, but I’ve actually already been here for seven years (yes, seven).  Ever since my first visit to JHU, which also doubled as…

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Thoughts of a Hopkins Dreamer

This photo was an ice skating trip planned by the residential advisory board. They have some pretty good ideas. I only paid $5 for transportation, skates, and admission. Did I mention that I will be on my Michelle Kwan next time?

Name: Chantel Fletcher Year: Class of 2014 Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Major: Public Health ******************************************************************************************** If you really want to know if Hopkins is right for you, you must examine Hopkins from different lenses. I am here to showcase my experience here at Hopkins, so far. First, I want to introduce myself.…

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“What Are You Waiting For?”: Toughing It Out on the Hopkins Wait-List


Name: Julia Allen Year: Class of 2015 Hometown: Atlanta, GA Majors: Economics, International Studies Minor: History ******************************************************************************* About a year ago I was right in the middle of the college application process and everything seemed overwhelming. Sifting through the mountains of information about all the different universities as well as…

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Heart of Homewood

Some friends and me (pink scarf) in the FFC Freshman Year!!

Name: Liz Mauer Year: Class of 2014 Hometown: Weston, CT Major: International Studies **************************************************************************************************** Hi everyone! My name is Liz and I’m a sophomore here at JHU. Here on campus I am really active in the Blue Key Society, which is the group of tour guides here. As part of Blue Key…

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