How to Expect the Unexpected

How to Expect the Unexpected

There is a common saying that says “you can never go home again” and as scary as this may sound, it’s metaphorically true. After three long, stressful, but ultimately, amazing months, I went back home, but it just was not the same. There are the generic things that you expect to happen on your first trip back home, specifically, spending endless hours in your bed, hanging out with your high school friends, and mostly, telling everyone about the college life. But, in my case, what made my trip back home so amazing were the things that I did not expect to happen. In honor of the unexpected moments of my trip back home, I compiled a survival guide with five of the most exceptionally unexpected occurrences of my return.

1. The Freshman 15

Whenever I left for college, I received all of the jokes about gaining the infamous freshman 15, but I refused to let it happen. Although, after leaving the south, and the comfort food that comes along with it, I actually lost weight once coming to Hopkins. Once I got back home, I knew the certain southern foods I missed and that I had to eat, mostly, catfish, fried chicken, and honestly, anything fried. What I did not expect was that I would eat all of these foods multiple times, and in excess. (Oops) So surprisingly, I actually gained the freshman 15 at home, but I promise that I regret nothing.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 4.59.15 PM
Literally me

2. I Am An Adult?

I went to an extremely small high school, so naturally I was very close with all of my teachers. There were two teachers from high school that truly influenced me to become the person I am today, and most importantly, to apply to Hopkins. I made it my mission to meet these two teachers outside of the school environment over the break. I met one of my teachers for coffee at a local coffee shop, and it was the most bizarre thing I have ever experienced. We talked about his home life, his wife, his children, and the “old days” in high school. Also, I met my other teacher at our high school basketball game, and the most amazing thing happened to me. MY TEACHER SAID A CURSE WORD IN FRONT OF ME!!! What do I do? Do I laugh? Do I play it cool? Do I curse back at him to assert my dominance? I did none of the above. I smirked, chuckled (like a little school girl), and awkwardly felt like an adult for the first time in my life.



3. You Are Still Expected to Clean

I expected to come home and be rightfully treated as the prince I am, but no. Contrary to my belief, five minutes after I got home, hugged my family, and jumped in my bed, I was forced to clean my room (anti-climactic, right?). Not only that, throughout the week, I actually had to lift a finger, get out of bed, and worst of all, pay for gas. Although, most of me actually missed all of these things. I did miss having a room to clean and arrange as I please. I missed having a car to put gas in. Mostly, I missed having a queen-size bed to make in the morning.

Also, Literally me.

4. Nothing Actually Changes

Whenever I got home, I expected there to be new buildings everywhere, my house to be rearranged, and everyone to look and act differently. Absolutely nothing changed, and that may just be because I live in such a small town, but I honestly felt like time paused and everyone just waited for me to get back. My friends all looked the same, my family still nagged me, and my jeep still ran. The greatest thing about coming back was the fact that my friends and I had so much to talk about. We talked for one night about everything that we separately experienced and caught up on all the juicy gossip.



5. The Tables Have Turned

The most shocking part of my trip was the fact that I actually missed Hopkins more than I expected to. I thought I would get home and hate leaving, hate having to say goodbye, and hate having to go back to school, but I was dead wrong. Towards the end of the break, I began constantly talking about all of the things that I missed about Hopkins. I talked about how I missed my new friends, how I missed my independence, and surprisingly enough, how I missed my dorm room.



Quite to my dismay, I realized that I loved Hopkins as much as I love my home, that I loved my new friends as much as my old, and that I like independence more than dependence. All in all, I realized that since home is truly where the heart is, I have two homes that share my heart. I love home. I love Homewood. Mostly, I love the unexpected.

Falling for Fall

Fall in Baltimore is the most beautiful thing that I have ever experienced, simple as that. The leaves changing, the turtleneck sweaters, and the cool weather all bring a huge smile to my face. As you may know, I am from Louisiana, so we don’t exactly experience fall. In honor of my first fall, I have compiled a list of my three favorite things about fall!!!

1. Leaves, Leaves, and More Leaves


The constant foliage is a beautiful sight. I honestly never knew that trees could be different colors, at the same time. Back home, leaves are typically either green or nonexistent, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw green, yellow, red, and even orange leaves!

2. Halloween!

With my love for anything and everything holiday-ish, Halloween truly was the highlight of my fall semester. I decided to use what I had in my closet for my costume, so, consequently, I arrived at this. A bit of a combination of Independence Day and Halloween. I visited Fell’s Point, which is a must do for all Hopkins students sometime in their time in Baltimore. I met so many people, saw so many costumes, and mostly, made so many memories. Although my legs were freezing by the end of the night (I recommend wearing pants…), I had the best Halloween of my life in Baltimore, and it’s even crazier to think that I have three more to go!



3. Family and Friends


With a visit from my brother topping my October off, and my friends making my first fall absolutely unforgettable, I cannot help but to shout out the people that made Fall 2014 so fantastic. I revisited Inner Harbor, Fell’s Point, and Washington D.C. and I know, pics or it didn’t happen. Lastly, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I cannot help but to express how truly grateful I am to be a Blue Jay this Fall!IMG_2535

Brother Bonding in Baltimore

This past weekend for Family Weekend 2014, my parents’, in their infinite wisdom, decided to send my 23 year old brother, Luis, to Baltimore for the weekend. And may I dare say, it was bound to be legen…wait for it…dary.

My inevitable How I Met Your Mother reference


The amazing part about having someone come in to visit is that you get to re-explore the city you have been living in. I have been in Baltimore for about two months, so I am basically an official Baltimorean. I really hadn’t given myself the time to explore Baltimore since move-in day, so now is the time! I told my brother to expect the best weekend of his life, and that’s what we had together.

IMG_2511              IMG_2540


We started our weekend with a trip to Inner Harbor and did everything that every generic tourist should do, and if you don’t believe me, please see the multiple pictures we took. We just decided to take the day as it came, and that led to an amazing day, meeting amazing people, and seeing some amazing views.

IMG_2502   IMG_2539   IMG_2543   IMG_2504


We spent the next couple days exploring the campus and its surrounding areas. I showed him my favorite spots in Brody, and my least favorite spots in the library (I’m looking at you D-Level). I showed him the magic of the moving bookshelves, and the awesomeness of our racket ball courts. We experienced some brotherly bonding, some brotherly competition, and mostly, we experienced Baltimore.




IMG_2541         IMG_2542