The “Ultimate” Spring Break Trip

The “Ultimate” Spring Break Trip

Spring Break 2015 was one of the best experiences of my life. It was a week full of sun, frisbee, and sand. I made new memories, froze my butt off in the Atlantic Ocean, and met college students from all over the country. I spent my Spring Break 2015 with the Hopkins Ultimate Frisbee team, DangerZone, and made the 8 hour trek to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to play in the High Tide Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. With 80 teams, 1600 players, and 6 days of fun in the sun, High Tide exceeded all of the expectations I had for it.


With 19 guys, constant sweating, and bare feet everywhere, a beach house can seem very inhospitable at first glance. It only took one day in that house for it to feel like a home, and for our team to become a family (corny, right?). We had nightly team meetings, early mornings filled with half awake rides to the tournament fields, and many stories that took shape that we will tell for years to come.





The first three days of our trip were filled with sunny, warm weather that made for perfect beach days! We spent every day from noon to midnight out on the beach. My sunburn quickly became more evident, my shoes were full of sand, and my beach frisbee skills became impeccable. The beach even doubles as a great place to study for Hopkins students.

IMG_3116    IMG_3089                                                      IMG_3113       IMG_3084



North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina may not be as southern, either physically and culturally, as my home in Hamburg, Louisiana, but it was definitely the taste of home that I needed. I heard southern accents, received southern hospitality, and mostly, felt the heat of the south.

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Team Bonding

While living in a house with 18 fellow teammates, spending an 8 hour drive with 4 of them, and spending 24/7 with all of them, our team is closer than ever. We played spikeball, played frisbee, and ate way too many donuts together. This experience has made our team chemistry go through the roof, and has truly been one of my best college experiences thus far.



As my Spring Break ended, I could not help but to reflect on the memories that were made, the friendships that were forged, and the amazing opportunities that we have to travel at Hopkins, whether for educational or recreational reasons. On a final note, a huge shout out goes to DangerZone Ultimate, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and to all of the people who made the spring break trip truly “ultimate.”


Endless (Hop)portunities

Endless (Hop)portunities

Whenever I first applied to Hopkins, I read every brochure, searched every website, and of course, read every Hopkins Interactive Blog to ensure that I knew what exactly I was getting myself into. Little did I know, Hopkins would offer more than I expected, and as I wrote in my application essay, “I am searching for a school that will exceed my expectations, just as I hope to exceed the their’s.” Once arriving at Hopkins, making it through my first semester, and surviving my first break back home, I have realized all of the opportunities that have been available to me thanks to Hopkins.

Meeting Martin O’Malley

My Lectures on Public Health and Wellbeing in Baltimore class has been my favorite class of this semester. It is a 1-credit class that meets once a week, and focuses on the things that we, as Hopkins students, and temporary members of the Baltimore community, can help to affect change. For one of our classes, we had an amazing panel who spoke on the topic of “Feeding the 21st Century.” Former Governor Martin O’Malley, Former CEO of Kroger; Robert Lawrence, and two of my professors from last semester, Adam Sheingate and Kathryn Edin, all spoke very eloquently on this subject. The talk was extremely interesting and truly an important topic in Public Health.


Raising Money FOR THE KIDS!!!

I had the great honor of serving on the Johns Hopkins Dance Marathon Executive Board as Social Media Director, and in this capacity, I was able to help raise $45,000 for the kids at the Johns Hopkins ChIldren’s Center, but mostly, I was able to have so much fun while doing it! I met more Hopkins students that I had never met before, I heard amazing stories of people who we were able to help, and I had the chance to make a difference.


Listening to Gloria Steinem Speak

Thanks to the Foreign Affairs Symposium, I had the amazing chance to hear Gloria Steinem, the feminist icons, speak about her experience in the feminist movement. She spoke of how she believes that the feminist movement has had great victories but is not yet complete. It was amazing to see the power in her voice, and mostly, the influence she had on the audience, and the world.


I have learned that Hopkins offers so many amazing opportunities that are so readily available to the Hopkins community. I am so thankful for the chances that I have to become a better person, and I owe that to the Hopkins community. I plan on making the most of all of the HOPPORTUNITIES to come in the future.