Right now, I’m sitting in a cube on B-Level attempting to study SBE (Systems Bioengineering – gross, I know). Instead of what probably is the healthier and more productive choice, I made the mistake of clicking that little red logo in my favorites, dooming me to fall down the rabbit hole that is YouTube. If you’re in a similar situation, sitting wherever you are procrastinating by reading this blog, here are a couple of videos to keep you preoccupied:


What It’s About: Kendrick’s “DAMN.” has taken the world by storm and propelled the Compton native to the heights of superstardom. Anyone who’s even a remote fan of Kendrick’s knows how dense and wild his production is. This video breaks down all the samples on his album by playing them first in their original glory, then switching to the song on which they’re sampled on the album. It’s impressive to think that people hear little snippets like these and think: “That would go great with this beat.”


What It’s About: FBE, the channel that produces this video, is known for their videos in which they film people’s their reactions to various movies, trailers, artists, etc. In this one, they take a bunch of adults (who are abnormally close in age to me; pretty sure I’m still a child), and show them a bunch of music videos of songs that I’m sure you’ll know. Watch the reactions, and try not to sing along. It’s harder than you think.


What It’s About: You, me, and anyone else like us doing exactly what we’re doing right now. In this TED talk, Tim Urban breaks down the mind of a procrastinator simply, elegantly, and with the help of a cartoon monkey. What’s not to love? By the end of it, you’ll probably even want to go back to work and avoid moving on to number four on this list.


What It’s About: The music video for this classic song. If for no other reason, watch it to see Slash’s legendary guitar solo.


What It’s About: One of my favorite videos – Vox breaks down the evolution of rhyme schemes in rap, starting from the very beginning. It’s crazy to see how far and complex rhyme has come from the classic ABAB scheme. Give it a watch and I’m sure you’ll come out the other side with a whole new appreciation for the skill it takes to come up with rap verses.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you. Let’s get back to being productive.