Super Seniors

While my latest blog was quite deep and heartfelt, it was also quite depressing. We all know graduation is around the corner, but still—we don’t need to keep talking about how sad we are, right? I figure I’d lighten things up a bit with today’s post! I’ve already given you a glimpse into the academic […]

Creatively Improvising

Coming to Hopkins next fall? Busy searching through Hopkins Interactive trying to figure out which classes to take? Look no further. I’ve found the class for you. Creative Improvisation. It may not sound like the right fit. In fact, the course’s title might scare the living daylights out of you. But if the thought of […]


People like concrete examples. I can’t tell you how often prospective students ask me how my writing courses are run. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked what kind of lab work Hopkins students do or what types of fiction stories we write. This blog won’t be helpful for everybody, but ATTENTION: […]

Almost The End

Well, this is it. This morning I had the last Writing Seminars pre-registration of my undergraduate career. Pre-registration allows majors to enroll in required courses before the actual registration date to ensure they can complete all their course requirements before graduation. Actual registration is on November 11th, and then it will really hit me. I […]

Class Chat

Senior year has begun and I’m enrolled in four amazing classes—Advanced Fiction, Intermediate Poetry, Subatomic World, and Trauma in Theory, Film, and Fiction. Deciding which courses to take can be tough; many students spend weeks at the beginning of a new school year adding and dropping classes after realizing that the course material doesn’t fit […]

Summer 2013 Internship!

FINALLY! After all of the emailing, waiting, researching, waiting, interviewing, and waiting some more… I LANDED AN INTERNSHIP FOR SUMMER 2013! I applied to a handful of TV production internships, particularly those in news studios but also some purely entertainment-based positions: CBS News, CBSInteractive, ABC News, CNN, NBC Universal, Fox News, Bloomberg News, The Today […]

Once and For All

This is it.  The end.  The breaking point.  The last tick. The match in the powder barrel.  The straw that broke the camel’s back.  (Do you catch my drift?) This has gone way too far and we’ve endured it for far too long. It has become almost unbearable and, at this point, something must be […]

Movies with Meredith

When I imagined what my college professors would be like, I pictured old, wrinkly men with long beards and suits.  They spoke in British accents while repeatedly pushing their glasses up the bridges of their noses.  They had an aura about them—a sophisticated, standoffish aura that said nothing more than ‘The Johns Hopkins University is […]

Cool Classes and Super Bowl Bashes

The first week of second semester can be a tough time for any college student.  “Vacation over, tan fading,” as my dad puts it.  While it was quite the struggle getting back into the swing of things, one of my professors in particular helped to ease that transition.  My Opinion Writing course, taught by Professor […]

Wish Me Luck!

Summer is a time for fun, relaxation, catching up on lost sleep, oh…and job applications.  As much as I don’t want to face the facts, I know that I have reached the time in my life where I should strive for a job or an internship over the summer.  One year ago from today, this […]