Embrace the S — Seniority

Senior year—whether it’s high school or college—can be stressful, confusing, and full of tension. Between figuring out post-grad plans and coming to terms with leaving, seniors are often high strung and temperamental. What they don’t tell you about senior year, however, is that your course load tends to be a lot lighter than normal. Hopkins […]

Moving Up, Moving Out

I thoroughly enjoyed the buzzing atmosphere of my freshman dorm (AMR II); I spent my days chatting with friends through their propped-open bedroom doors, spreading my class notes and homework assignments across the hallway’s floor, and meeting—on average—two new people a day, either in my dorm, at the FFC, or just walking around the freshman […]

Connections to Keep

To me, Johns Hopkins is way more than an academic institution.  The university is full of on-campus clubs, teams, and societies, and whether each group’s focus is a sport, academics, or simply fun and games, they flood the campus with a sense of camaraderie. It was incredibly tough going away for an entire semester and […]

Happiness Ahead

  I’ve had something to look forward to every few weeks for the past five months. First, in early September, I was off to London for a semester abroad.  I had a new and exciting adventure lurking around every corner—a trip to Paris with friends, my first stay in a hostel (this wasn’t as exciting […]

Movies with Meredith

When I imagined what my college professors would be like, I pictured old, wrinkly men with long beards and suits.  They spoke in British accents while repeatedly pushing their glasses up the bridges of their noses.  They had an aura about them—a sophisticated, standoffish aura that said nothing more than ‘The Johns Hopkins University is […]

Why Hopkins? By JHU_Lucie

Home has a “feeling.” Many are familiar with that comforting surge of recognition and security that comes rushing back to them when they return home after being away for a long time.  I’m familiar with this feeling; not only have I been at college for almost two years now, but I’ve spent seven summers away […]

The Hop Into Spring

I’ve hinted at the beauty of The Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood campus various times in my past entries.  Normally, however, I mention this attractiveness in passing, explaining how the campus’ physical appeal is only one of JHU’s many assets.  While it’s true that Hopkins has many selling points, it’s about time someone emphasizes the true […]

Homewood Helpers

The Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus is constantly buzzing with happy, smiling faces, and I’m not just referring to the faces of students.  The university’s various dining halls, markets, and eateries are filled with warm-hearted and fun-loving staff.  While these men and women have the ability to drastically enhance so many students’ moods on a day-to-day […]

The ABCs of JHU! Part 2

M–  Mental Notes: Clad in Hawaiian shirts, the “painfully sexy” JHU Mental Notes are Johns Hopkins’ only comedy a cappella group! I’m one of 16 students in this ridiculously wild bunch (we even have one student who’s enrolled at The Peabody Institute).  While we do perform cover tunes, we specialize in singing parodies and original […]

My Favorite Facts about JHU!

I had always dreamed that I would work for my college’s admissions office as a tour-guide.  When applications were released, however, I had so much on my plate already—an a cappella group, the Student Admissions Advisory Board, my new video project called “Learn More, See More, B’More,” the Hopkins Hosting Society, and upcoming sorority recruitment.  […]