Favorable Friends

The Writing Seminars major is amongst the most demanding majors at Hopkins. In addition to thirty distribution credits (credits outside of the humanities department), Writing majors need four semesters of English literature, two semesters in the Department of Philosophy, two semesters in the Department of History, demonstrated competence in a foreign language through the intermediate […]

Performing at Hopkins

Performance was a huge part of my high school experience; I was the president of my school’s Drama Club, I acted in sixteen shows, and I directed our senior class production of Grease. A new play came along with practically every new academic quarter, and the Drama Club was a very serious commitment; we’d spend […]

Almost The End

Well, this is it. This morning I had the last Writing Seminars pre-registration of my undergraduate career. Pre-registration allows majors to enroll in required courses before the actual registration date to ensure they can complete all their course requirements before graduation. Actual registration is on November 11th, and then it will really hit me. I […]

Class Chat

Senior year has begun and I’m enrolled in four amazing classes—Advanced Fiction, Intermediate Poetry, Subatomic World, and Trauma in Theory, Film, and Fiction. Deciding which courses to take can be tough; many students spend weeks at the beginning of a new school year adding and dropping classes after realizing that the course material doesn’t fit […]

Fading Into Fall

I had an intense summer; my internship was incredibly valuable and a whole lot of fun, but in my last few weeks home we lost somebody very special to my brother, Robbie, and to my entire family. Robbie’s best friend, Jonny, passed away after a traumatic head injury. Jonny was one of the funniest, happiest […]

My Favorite Memory of Spring 2013

Earlier this month, I took a trip to New York City for an admitted student reception with one of the JHU admissions officers and six other current students (including my twin sister). The admissions officer accompanying us was John Birney, or JB—the Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions and the admissions counselor that admitted me […]

Recreate A Classic

This semester has been one of my busiest yet.  I’m taking 15 credits across five courses, and one of my classes (Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication) is essentially a job. For the past few years, JHU has been selected to compete against 19 other schools in a nationwide marketing competition.  The Advertising & Integrated Marketing […]

Relaying with Rose

Two years ago, after I got accepted to Hopkins, I went to a JHU-sponsored event in New York City where I met a handful of other accepted students as well as a few already-enrolled students who had applied early decision.  I strolled in hoping to make a few friends and possibly speak with a few […]

Movies with Meredith

When I imagined what my college professors would be like, I pictured old, wrinkly men with long beards and suits.  They spoke in British accents while repeatedly pushing their glasses up the bridges of their noses.  They had an aura about them—a sophisticated, standoffish aura that said nothing more than ‘The Johns Hopkins University is […]

Why Hopkins? By JHU_Lucie

Home has a “feeling.” Many are familiar with that comforting surge of recognition and security that comes rushing back to them when they return home after being away for a long time.  I’m familiar with this feeling; not only have I been at college for almost two years now, but I’ve spent seven summers away […]